Need Your Dissertation Printed & Bound?

You’ve nearly finished your dissertation. And we know that right now the last thing you want is to be worrying how you will get your precious hard work printed and bound.  Well the good news is that you can sit back and relax, and let us take over. We have many years’ experience of printing and binding student dissertations, so we know exactly how important it is to get the job done both quickly and accurately.

We offer both hardback and softback binding options, and with hardback binding we can also foil block in either gold or silver on both the spine and front cover.

Dissertation Printing

We usually print dissertations on 100g paper, but if you require a different paper stock, please let us know.

Our charges are as follows:

One-off file access:          £1

Colour pages:      35p per page

Black & white pages: 9p per page


 Hardback binding

We offer a choice of binding colours – black, blue, burgundy or green.

Our charges are as follows:

Up to 50 pages:  £13

51-100 pages:      £15

101-150 pages:   £17

151+ pages:         £19


Hardback Cover/Spine Foil Blocking

In either gold or silver

Our charges are as follows:

On the first copy:              25p per letter or space

On any subsequent copies:          10 per letter or space

You should allow 24hrs (Mon-Fri only) for hardback binding, although we usually complete the jon more quickly than that.

Softback Binding

We offer 4 different types of softback binding – spiral, wire, comb or crystal (glue).

Our charges for spiral, wire or comb binding are as follows:

Up to 50 pages:  £3.00   

51-100 pages:      £3.50

101-150 pages:   £4.00

151-200 pages:   £4.50

201-300 pages:  £5.50

301+ pages:        £6.50


Our charges for crystal (glue) binding are as follows:

Up to 50 pages:  £3.50

51-100 pages:     £4.00

101-150 pages:  £4.50

151-200 pages:  £5.00

201-300 pages:  £6.00

301+ pages:        £7.00


We can usually do softback binding while you wait.

If you have any questions please contact us!