An expression of gratitude for MBE

 An expression of gratitude for MBE


One of our customers recently encountered a level of customer service that went so far beyond expectations that they wrote to us to recount their experience.

The following story is a prime example of the superb service that Mail Boxes Etc. stores offer on a daily basis.

Dear Mail Boxes Etc.

My mother and I would like to express in detail our gratitude to Ed and Jane of the York MBE office for their intelligent and cheerful customer service. 

I was enrolled in a postgraduate program at the University’s Centre for Medieval Studies, but for medical reasons needed to take a leave of absence and ship my belongings back to the States without much time to arrange transport. 

First, Ed found an ingenious way to keep the boxes dry as I carried them to my flat in a downpour.

Secondly, when I arrived late in the day with my five boxes and four big duffel bags, Jane did her absolute utmost to help me find different options for packing my possessions and enthusiastically assisted in helping me re-pack my boxes and find solutions that would be far more cost efficient than my initial efforts. She helped me select boxes, offered me detailed advice on the pricing of items of varying weight, and her helpful and caring attitude went a long way to making a stressful activity that much less difficult.    

The next day, I travelled to Durham for the day, and realized late in the afternoon that on my arrival in York I had hidden my passport for safekeeping in a book, but had forgotten and packed it in one of the boxes.  After visions of missing my flight and incurring expenses due to the need to go to a consulate for a replacement, I thought to call MBE to see if by some chance the boxes were still there. Fortunately, they were. I could catch a train back to York to arrive in time before the store closed to retrieve the passport from the box. 

Then, I realized, in my concern over the passport, I had left my wallet in the pub that I had lunch!  This meant that I wouldn’t be able to make a train before the store closed.  So, I had my mother in the States call MBE while I ran back to the pub and successfully retrieved my wallet.  This still put me on a train that was too late for the closing.  Jane and Ed put their heads together and realized that they could find the book I described, retrieve the passport, give me the outside door code that mailbox renters use to enter the lobby, and stash the passport in an envelope in a hidden spot. I was able to catch Jane before she left, and was again impressed by her earnest dedication to me as a customer. I retrieved my passport and was able to fly home the next day. 

In closing, my mother and I commend them both for their resourcefulness and positive attitudes.  We have already and will continue to recommend MBE York to everyone who could use your services.


Ross McIntire & Mary McIntire