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Partnership Marketing Series - Tip #1

When you’re starting out, getting recognition and finding buyers for your product or service can be a challenge – how much money and time do you spend on marketing? 


One thing you may want to consider is partnering with another company or brand, says James Simmons, Marketing Manager at Mail Boxes Etc. UK, in his tips for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Partnership Marketing Tip #1 

Identify the key strengths, USPs and audience appeal of your business or brand.

Before looking for another organisation to approach, make a list of your own company or brand’s attributes, USPs, customer base, target audience and growth plans. This builds on the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis you did when you were putting your business plan together. In particular, you should gain deeper insights into your current customer and market base, which in turn will help you identify potential new audiences.


Not only do you want to be very clear about your business’s key characteristics and market appeal, you also need to be able to present them in a compelling and attractive way to a prospective partner brand.

Remember it’s not just you as the business owner who can input into this research. Ask your customers what’s great about your business or brand; ask your suppliers why they like doing business with you, and ask your employees why they like working for you.

In doing this exercise, you’ll also discover more about the type of company you’d like to join forces with.

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