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Partnership Marketing Series - Tip #5

Our final tip from the partnership marketing series from James Simmons, Marketing Manager at Mail Boxes Etc. UK.


Partnership Marketing Tip #5

Learn and grow

As with all good marketing programmes, one of the secrets to success is creating a workable plan and then measuring its effectiveness. You will then be able to learn and grow, building on the positives and addressing anything that didn’t work so well, with the result that your future efforts will be better targeted and more effective.

Communication is key, so make sure you keep in touch with your customers, your marketplace and your brand partner along the way. If possible, try to feed your new knowledge into the campaign as you go along, rather than leaving the assessment to the end.

When the initial campaign does come to a close, however, you may choose to use the experience as a one-off and enjoy the opportunities it brought, or you may feel you want to make it more permanent.

Whatever you decide, Mail Boxes Etc. is here to design and print your co-branded promotional materials – from product labels to posters. And remember, our Business Hub services are built around your needs as a small business, with everything to help you succeed – from telephone answering and postal services, to virtual office address and mail order fulfilment.

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