Mail & Parcel sending centres for Bristol

 Mail & Parcel sending centres for Bristol

Mail Boxes Etc. provide mail and parcel services within the UK and major destinations Worldwide.

See video of our 'Deliverease' service.

See table below for Economy Parcel prices. 

 Mail Boxes Etc stores in Bristol now offer access to Royal Mail and other International courier companies for the public to walk in and obtain post, tracked parcel and express document services within the UK and worldwide.

Available at Clifton Triangle 

  •  Royal Mail  services to UK , Europe, China, USA, Rest of the World     
  •  Authorised  UPS  personal effects shipping centre.
  •  Authorised  FEDEX  service centre.
  •  DHL  Sending Point
  •  Parcelforce WorldWide  appointed agent.

These services can also be used for excess baggage shipments. Airlines are now charging high rates for excess baggage. Why have the hassle of checking in and waiting for excess baggage when you could send it on cheaper anyway? 


MBE Worldwide Economy Parcel Service:

Parcel A1:  up to 45x35x16cm  2Kg.  Parcel A2 up to 30x30x30cm 5Kg. 

( A1/ A2 Small UK only)

Parcel B0  Up to 1kg: Parcel B1  up to 2.0kg. Parcel B2 up to 5Kg 

( B0/1/2 Small Worldwide size restrictions apply)

Parcel A: up to 30x30x30cm  10Kg,    

Parcel B: up to 47x47x47cm   20Kg   

 Parcel C: up to 47x47x 61cm   30KG  

UK, England, Scotland, Wales, NI (Includes VAT) 

Parcel A1 £8, A2 £15, A £18, B £24, C £29

EUROPE EU (price includes VAT)

Belgium, Netherlands, Eire, Germany, :

Parcel B0/1/2 : POA   A: £29, B £35, C £39

France, Lux, Italy, Denmark :

Parcel B0/1/2: POA    A: £35, B £39, C £45

Spain, Portugal, Austria, Czech, Poland, Sweden       :

Parcel B0/1/2: POA    A: £35, B £39, C £45  

Bulgaria, Finland, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania          

Parcel B0/1/2: POA    A: £39, B £45, C £49  

NB Europe Mainland only prices. Island destinations will cost more . 


USA / Canada*   

Parcel B0 £25, B1 £30, B2, £50,

Parcel A: £60, B £80, C £109* 

China, Singapore, Japan, HK, Australia, NZ*

Parcel B0: £25, B1 £30 B2 £50,

A £70, B £99, C £139*

India/Pakistan   POA 

(* Personal effects excluded from economy price to Far East / Australasia & Canada) 

Parcels sent via Tracked RM or Courier services. Pries include VAT where applicable. Boxes & Packing Materials available. Compensation cover available for loss in Transit.

For Express Items, larger parcels, other destinations or multiple parcels use our MBE Shipping quote form to obtain price.

Correct as of 1 st             October 2016 

We can advice on the best company for your particular package based on its destination, size, weight and urgency. Example prices can be found by using the 'quick price my shipment' Box to the left.

We offer a pick up service in central Bristol by arrangement for larger parcels that you may have difficulty bringing in. However, if your item is all packed and ready to go but you are a long way from our centres you could use our sister company who will collect the item from you and send direct.

If you park but still have difficulty with your parcels then call us and we will bring a Parcel trolley to you.

We can also collect and return Lost Property from Bristol Airport, Bristol Temple Meads Railway station or any Bristol Hotel.

We sell packaging materials and also offer a packaging service.

We can cover the value of your items in transit using our own compensation scheme for complete peace of mind.

Prohibited Items.

If sending internationally there are a number of items that are prohibited. The main ones are liquids which can include cosmetics, toiletries etc. Please remove these from any parcels or they may be stopped. Ask us if unsure. See Prohibited Items for more details.

For more information Phone us free on 0117 9227671 or Contact us on line.

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