Glynis Santos franchisee

Glynis Santos was a professional photographer intent on making a complete change after working on cruise ships for ten years. She wanted to settle down in a permanent home and to work regular hours, preferably in her own business so that she and her husband, Paulo (who also worked on cruise ships) could pool their talents.

Having managed the photographer’s shop on board as well as taking the pictures, Glynis had considerable experience of running a small business which was to prove invaluable when she opened the Mail Boxes Etc centre in Woodlands Road, Glasgow, four years ago.

Although the original plan was for Paulo to join the business after a year or so, Glynis and Paulo changed their minds so Glynis continues to run the centre on her own. Glynis quipped: “He saw what a good job I was doing so he decided to leave me to get on with it. Seriously though, we talked it through at great length and I understand how difficult it would have been for Paulo to stop doing the job he enjoys and has done all his life. Paulo loves going to sea and he recognised that a permanent shore job was not for him. The arrangement works really well because he gets three months leave at a time so we have plenty of time together.”

The business is thriving and Glynis now needs two people to help her at the centre. “We’re busy with all our services right across the board but our strongest sector is document finishing, being in such a busy commercial area. We’ve always got plenty to do, there’s so much variety and never a dull moment,” Glynis said.

Glynis explained why she and Paulo chose Mail Boxes Etc: “We already knew about Mail Boxes Etc from travelling round the world, long before we ever thought about becoming franchisees. We were pleased to be able to talk to others in their network, as well as the franchise sales team, before deciding to go ahead. The training was very thorough, over several weeks and covering every aspect of the business. The on-going support has been great and even though we’re up and running now, it’s comforting to know that there’s always someone to offer advice if you need it.

“There are many benefits to being a franchisee and most of all I really enjoy being my own boss. This is a business that a woman can run just as well as a man. Certainly, I’ve never noticed any differences in attitude to me except perhaps that people are generally more polite to women!,” she concluded.

Glynis Santos - Woodlands Road, Glasgow