Winning Mail Boxes Etc. Franchisee has stores in Watford and Milton Keynes

Daniel Scott is Mail Boxes Etc., joint “Franchisee of the year”. When he discovered the franchise he says he instantly recognised an opportunity that would enable him to have his own business – but many years earlier than he had thought possible. He had always been inspired by his grandfather who was still running his own business well into his 80s.

Started out

“I was only 27 when I opened my first store in Watford. After studying music at the University of Liverpool, I considered many options but decided against a career in music or teaching. I knew I wanted to control my own destiny and was delighted that I was not too young to become a franchisee, even though I was still in my 20s.


“Now I also have a store in Milton Keynes, and I was amazed earlier this year to be chosen from 135 franchisees in our network as a joint “Franchisee of the Year”.

“I chose a strong and well-established franchise and have had fantastic training and support. Franchising is a great way of being in business for yourself – but without being on your own – and it’s reassuring to know there is always someone to help just a phone call away.

“Choose a franchise that you will enjoy and that inspires confidence. Make sure you have support from your spouse and family. I could never have done it without support from my wife.

“Contact with other franchisees in the network is also very valuable. Sharing best practice helps me a lot and I have learned a great deal. I would never want to go back to being an employee.”

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