Drop and shred service from MBE Tooting

Introducing the drop and shred paper shredding service from Mail Boxes Etc. Tooting. The service is a fast, easy and convenient way to safely shred your bank statements, business documents and utility bills, all without the hassle of buying a shredder and spending hours shredding the items yourself.

There is no minimum to how little you can drop off, all paper is shredded to ISO9001 standards and is fully recycled meaning nothing to go landfill make the service environmentally friendly.

 How the service works

  • Items are dropped of at our Mail Boxes Etc. Tooting store.
  • The paper is then weighed and you are charged only for what you have shredded.
  • Paper is then put into a white shredding sack and tied with a red barcode unique to you.
  • A copy of the barcode is given to you. This red barcode is unique to you please keep it safe.
  • The paper is then shredded and you are provided with a proof of destruction unique to the barcode reference given to you. 

It has never been simpler to shred your unwanted paper our service is fast, safe and complies with all industry standards.

It's not just paper we can securely destroy a wide range of electrical items such as hard drives, phones, tablets, laptops,  CDs and DVDs.

Call us now on 020 8682 9422, or visit us at 52 Upper Tooting Road , London, SW17 7PD England. 

"Mail Boxes Etc. has made shredding confidential items easy and convenient"

Robert McGilligan, Glasgow