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Dangerous Goods

When sending a parcel through your local Mail Boxes Etc. store please ensure that it does not contain any of the following:


e.g. deodorants, inhalers, polish, paint, hair products


e.g. lithium, alkaline batteries, zinc chloride batteries, nickel metal hydride
Exception: Lithium metal & ion batteries contained in equipment - contact your local Mail Boxes Etc. for details.


e.g. wine, spirits, beer, cider, ethanol
Exception: Some alcohol can be carried to selected destinations - ask your local Mail Boxes Etc. for details.


e.g. aftershave, fragrances, deodorants with added perfume

Flammable items

e.g. petrol, fireworks, flares, party poppers, ammunition, white spirit, oil based paint, solvents, ethyl, matches, camphor

Corrosive, chemical, toxic & radioactive substances

e.g. car batteries, infectious materials, carbon monoxide, various acids, radium, uranium metal, fire detectors containing radioactive source, toxic gases, tear gas

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