Top ten packing tips

Whatever you’re shipping it’s worth taking the time and using the right materials to ensure that your consignment reaches its destination safely and in one piece. Follow these top ten tips for packing the perfect parcel.

  1. Don’t overload:  if you are sending particularly big or heavy items, don’t overload your boxes – many carriers have a maximum weight per box of 30kg to avoid the chance that anyone handling them might incur back injuries.  Lower weight boxes means there’s less chance of your packages being heavily handled too (or dropped!).  Heavy boxes should be sealed with a fabric tape rather than brown tape for maximum security in transit.
  2. Stay balanced:  balance the weight within the box – an unevenly packed box is more likely to suffer damage due to instability.
  3. Pack it in:  allow at least two inches of packaging around breakable or fragile gifts.  Don’t rely on shredded or torn-up newspaper – use polystyrene peanuts and bubble wrap.
  4. Box clever:  use a big enough box – this will also help to stop you skimping on internal packaging.  Choose from a range of single and double-wall boxes from Mail Boxes Etc.  We have sizes available to suit every need, and can also create custom-made boxes for outsized or awkwardly shaped items.
  5. Keep still:  ensure there is no movement of items within the box.  This is the single biggest reason for damage to contents in transit.
  6. Spread the load:  if you are sending several items to the same address, spread out any valuable items amongst a number of packages, instead of putting all of them in the same carton. 
  7. Cut it fine:  place some scrap cardboard under the final seal of each box so that, when the knife cuts into open the box upon delivery, it does not damage the contents.  Seal the edges too – this adds stability and reduces the risk of snagging and tampering.
  8. Write it large:  write the destination address clearly on the box – labels are fine but they can come unstuck.  Protect any labels by using clear tape and include your own full address on the carton in case of returns.
  9. Avoid the rush!  At busy times like Christmas, send your parcels well in advance – that way, not only can you be sure they’ll arrive on time, but there is less chance of damage under the crush of other seasonal parcels.  Aim for despatch by the end of November to be sure.
  10. Box clever:  when in doubt call Mail Boxes Etc. on 01264 360 333 or visit to find the location of your nearest store, where you’ll find friendly advice, expert packing services, as well as all the packaging materials you need.
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