Virtual or Physical mailbox?

It's going to get physical, physical... and virtual.

Confused as to what we mean by 'Virtual' or 'Physical' when we're talking about mailboxes? Don't worry - let us explain the differences:


A Virtual mailbox allows you the use of our prestigious 21 Botanic Avenue store address, without the need to have a physical mailbox for your mail to be kept in. Your mail is securely held by us to be either collected by you (within our opening hours) or to be forwarded to your private address.

Virtual mailboxes are favoured by those who live, work, or run their business from outside of the UK or Ireland, and need a professional mail receiving, processing, and forwarding service.


A physical mailbox is an actual mailbox in our store for you. Your mail is received by us (signed-for if necessary), safely stored in your locked mailbox ready for you to collect at your leisure. We still offer the same mail handling and forwarding services as with a Virtual mailbox; however, the bonus is having your own physical, personally serviceable mail location away from your home or business.

We hope that makes it a bit clearer for you! If you’ve got any further questions, please send us an email or give us a ring on 02890 247 888.

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