Sending parcels to the USA?

Trust the experts at Mail Boxes Etc. for fast, easy delivery across the world, at great prices! Book online or in-store today.

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Fast, easy parcel delivery across the UK

Choose Mail Boxes Etc. for simple, reliable document & parcel delivery. Great prices available in-store now!

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Fast, easy parcel delivery at great prices

Choose Deliverease™ for simple, reliable document & parcel delivery, worldwide. New lower prices now available at participating stores.

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Secure, confidential shredding and data destruction solutions

Protect your business and customer data with Mail Boxes Etc. We'll even supply a certificate of destruction for extra peace of mind.

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Your local post, parcel & print centre

At Mail Boxes Etc., we're your local post, parcel & print centre. If you're looking for worldwide parcel delivery, courier or postal services; business card or leaflet printing; fast digital copy services; mailbox rental or a virtual office package, get in touch with your local store team - we’re here to help. Register online at ...

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Pack, ship and protect for complete peace of mind

You can trust Mail Boxes Etc. to take more care of your parcels and packages.  No other high street parcels specialist will pack your item, send it via a choice of leading shippers and offer you generous compensation cover for complete peace of mind.   Whatever you’re sending and wherever it’s ...

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Reasons for Renting a Mailbox from Mail Boxes Etc. Bournemouth Triangle:

8 mini case studies


  • Customer A runs a small online business from home and didn't want to use her home address for business correspondence, so she rents a mailbox from Mail Boxes Etc. Bournemouth Triangle. As well as keeping her home address confidential, her mailbox gives her business the added credibility of what looks like a street address in central Bournemouth.

  • Customer B lives in a large Victorian building converted into flats. The mail for all the flats drops through the main front door in one big pile and he has found that from time to time important mail has gone missing. To avoid this he now rents a mailbox from Mail Boxes Etc. Bournemouth Triangle, so there is no longer any danger of vital post going AWOL.

  • Customer C and his wife have retired to Spain. However, their UK bank has refused to send bank statements and the like to an overseas address. Renting a mailbox from Mail Boxes Etc. Bournemouth Triangle has proved to be a good solution for this customer, who collects his mail on a trips back to the UK. Or failing that we forward his mail to him whenever he asks us to.

  • Customer D is a sales engineer and has regular deliveries of components for installation. Waiting in at home for deliveries proved to be both time-consuming and frustrating as he could never tell when a delivery might be made. Now, though, he rents a mailbox from Mail Boxes Etc. Bournemouth Triangle, his parts deliveries come to us, and he collects from us at his convenience. Problem solved!

  • Customer E is in the property management business. She is out and about all day long and was having difficulties getting keys to service providers such as carpet cleaners and plumbers. A mailbox from Mail Boxes Etc. Bournemouth Triangle has proved to be valuable central collect and drop-off point which makes the whole process easy for all involved.

  • Customer F is the director of a Limited Company and as such is required to register a correspondence address with Companies House. In order to avoid having his home address on the public record this customer uses a mailbox from Mail Boxes Etc. Bournemouth Triangle for this purpose.

  • Customer G is in the process of moving home and needed a temporary address for important correspondence whilst she is between homes. A mailbox from Mail Boxes Etc. Bournemouth Triangle has proved to be the answer. And in order to save her making unnecessary journeys, she rings us beforehand to check whether she has any mail.

  • Customer H lives most of the year on a local mobile home park. One of the rules of the park is that they are not allowed to use their mobile home as a postal address. So instead they rent a mailbox from Mail Boxes Etc. Bournemouth Triangle and come and collect their mail as and when convenient.

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