Trying to buy from businesses in Europe? Finding that they won't ship to a UK address? Don't panic, we can help!

Open a mailing address in Ireland and we'll receive your purchases, before forwarding them to your address in the UK.

Since the UK left the EU, trading has become more complicated. New rules for import and export have come into effect and some EU-based companies have said that due to the complexities of the paperwork and VAT, that they will not ship to the United Kingdom.

Choose a prestigious street address in the Republic of Ireland, to receive all your EU purchases!

The team will prepare the paperwork and then ship your purchases, whether for business or private purposes, to your address in the UK, as frequently as you need. Our Mailbox address rental, document completion and mail forwarding charges are competitive and transparent, so you can buy from the EU with confidence.

If you need to base a business in the EU, our Republic of Ireland locations may be able to assist. We can take payment for your Ireland business address in £ Sterling: 

Choose a Dublin City Centre address for business or private use

If you are a private buyer (consumer), or operate as a sole trader, you can also choose from our Cork and Killarney locations. (These locations are not able to support registered businesses or limited companies.) 

If you have any questions about setting up a mailing and package receiving  address within the EU, speak to our local business support team at your Mail Boxes Etc. post, parcel & print centre.

Download our online brochure

We’ve got Brexit covered. Have you?

*All Mail Boxes Etc. stores in Ireland offer mailbox services to private individuals and sole traders. Mail Boxes Etc. Dublin is also registered to provide mailbox services to partnerships and limited companies. If in doubt, please contact us before making your purchase.

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