Tailored delivery solutions from Mail Boxes Etc. Liverpool

More than just shipping, packing, caring...

More than just shipping

When you choose a courier to deliver your packages and parcels, choose your local team at Mail Boxes Etc. Liverpool. We are experts in courier services, packing and worldwide parcel delivery.

We have the expertise to pack professionally, select the best carrier for the goods or documents you are sending, for each destination country - and provide guidance on the correct paperwork required for a seamless delivery.

Choose peace of mind. Choose a business you can trust.  Choose MBE Liverpool.

More than just shipping:  access our wide range of tailored Pack & Ship and Logistics solutions: 


  • UK and Ireland courier services 
  • Worldwide  parcel delivery
  • Luggage shipping, baggage and sports equipment delivery
  • MBE Auction and specialist shipping

More than just packing: we can produce a unique delivery experience for every customer, by sharing your branded gift notes or other brand messages within each package.


  • Personalised packing
  • Professional, trained packing experts
  • Certified packaging materials
  • Specialist packaging
  • Wide range of cartons, tape, voidfill
  • Shock-resistant packaging

More than just caring: choose the right carrier service, the right packing material and our comprehensive compensation scheme, Enhanced Cover,  for peace of mind on every fragile, valuable shipment.

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