Company Director Service Addresses

Company Director Service Addresses

A mailing address for company directors

Changes in Company Law allow company directors in the UK to have the choice of filing a service address with Companies House for the public register, for every directorship they hold. As a director you will still need to provide your residential address, but this will be held on a private register and will only be available to:

  • Specified public bodies carrying out their public functions.
  • Credit reference agencies for assessing financial standing, possible conflicts of interest, credit applications, and carrying out checks to prevent/detect crime.

More information is available directly from Companies House at

For the purposes of privacy and/or personal security, we understand that many directors may not wish their personal address to become public knowledge, so will choose the new option of filing a service address for the public register at Companies House.

As a director you can choose any address as the service address, including the registered office address of the company. The address must be somewhere to which documents can be delivered and an acknowledgement or receipt provided if required. It cannot be a PO Box or a DX number. You can still choose to use your residential address as the service address, and the fact that these two addresses are the same would not be apparent from the public record.

Because the service address must be a street address (i.e. not a PO Box), Mail Boxes Etc. are perfectly positioned to help provide you with a solution.

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