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5 tips to a successful franchise

Making any business a success takes hard work and determination, and that is no different when owning a franchise. However, when you join a franchise, you will have their support to help you reach your full potential and avoid the mistakes that most new businesses make.

Here are our top 5 tips to make your franchise a success.

-          Have enough money to invest in and grow the business

When speaking with the franchise team, be open about finances and ask all the questions you need to about how much the initial investment will be and the ongoing recurring costs. Determine how much you have to invest and look at the projected figures and turnover from other franchises. Your franchisor will be able to help you with pre-approved suppliers and providers to help with costs, but the money will still need to come from you, as it will be your business.

-          Follow the franchise business plan

With a franchise, policies, culture and the business plan have already been adapted and changed over years to create a business model that is proven to work. Following the training and systems given to you by the franchise will help ensure your business is successful.

-          Recruit the best people

Running a store on your own five (or sometimes six!) days a week by yourself can be a challenge and hinder your progress. Having a good team around you can help lessen your workload, improve output and ensure great customer service.

-          Make customer service your number one priority

Giving customers a great experience increases repeat sales, helps boost reviews and improves word-of-mouth about the store, encouraging more people to use your service and return again.


-          Continually train and develop your own skills through the franchise

A good franchise will offer you continual training from the earliest days of setting up your business. Make sure you train your employees in all the processes you have learnt. If you need more help or training, contact your franchise and ask them for support.

When joining Mail Boxes Etc. as a franchisee, the team will give you all the training, set-up support, award-winning marketing campaigns and operational back-up you need to help you drive your local sales activity.

If you would like to join a dynamic, thriving network with a flexible business model, call us on +44 (0) 1608 649230 or email

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