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Digital printing - What is it and what are the advantages?

Digital printing is an increasingly widespread technique in all sectors, from business to publishing, and produces excellent results thanks to highly advanced technology. Its cutting-edge processes have made it extremely competitive when compared to traditional typographic and offset techniques.

What is digital printing is and what is it for?

By digital printing we mean a system based on innovative technologies that allow the sending of digital files to a printer from a computer or electronic device. This procedure can be easily applied to various surfaces, from canvas or PVC to wood, plexiglass and aluminium, allowing the creation of brochures, postcards, leaflets and all kinds of commercial material.

Digital printing guarantees a high-quality result. It offers images with high definition and sharp colours on all surfaces and it’s suitable for both short and medium print runs. This means it’s a technique that delivers lots of advantages compared to traditional processes – in particular:

·   Speed: the print process is faster than traditional offset printing and allows much shorter delivery times.

·   Shinier and brighter colours: it offers high-quality, high-definition print: the ink guarantees greater brilliance and gloss than traditional printing methods.

·   Versatility: the flexibility of the digital process allows for highly personalised printing – from posters and invitations to company badges and sports trophies.

How digital printing works

Digital printing is based on electronic processes which do not require the use of matrices or plates. The files transmitted, in PDF, JPG, TIF or other electronic formats, are reproduced directly onto the surface of the item being printed. This fast, streamlined procedure enables the customer’s file to be quickly converted for print and supplied for approval before printing begins.

Digital printing is ideal for short runs and perfect when only a small number of printed items is required (for example, if warehouse space is limited). It allows for flexibility and creativity because setup isn’t costly, so small runs are not a problem, while colour crispness and print quality are not compromised. It’s also quick and easy to adjust the file if any changes are needed.

Offset or traditional printing is ideal for larger quantities and formats, or when optimal quality is required, although digital printing offers most of these benefits too and is fast catching up with its older rival.

Do you need print?

Mail Boxes Etc. offers creative, flexible and customised solutions that adapt to any need. Our graphic design and printing jobs are managed by professionals, who put their skills and technologies at your disposal to ensure the best possible result for your needs and your budget.

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