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Five reasons to rent a private mailbox

With more and more people now working from home, a lot of us are receiving work-related mail at our private addresses. And with the past twelve months seeing a massive increase in the number of new start-ups, many business owners are looking for a way to keep their professional and personal lives separate. A personal mailbox can be a useful and cost-effective solution, and it’s also ideal for anyone living in shared accommodation or travelling away from home frequently.

Here are five reasons why renting a private mailbox is a great idea:

1. Secure and private

Your mailbox is located at a real street address. You have your own key, with 24-hour access in many cases. No-one has access to your mailbox except you, and no-one knows it’s there unless you tell them. Your mail and parcels will be kept secure for you until you’re ready to collect them.

2. Convenience and peace of mind

Collect your mail at a time to suit you – we’ll let you know by text or email when something has arrived in your mailbox. We also accept signed-for packages from any carrier – great for business documents but also brilliant for internet shoppers. Your parcel will be stored safely until you pick it up, rather than being returned to sender or left on your doorstep.

3. Flexibility

If your work or lifestyle takes you on frequent trips away from home, sometimes for prolonged periods, it can be useful to have a designated address for all your mail. A personal mailbox gives you somewhere your mail and packages can go, no matter where you are, and you can ask for mail and parcels to be forwarded anywhere in the world.

4. Better than a P.O. Box

With a private mailbox you get a proper street address, which helps protect your privacy. It also adds credibility if you’re using the mailbox for business purposes. A P.O. Box will accept mail delivered via the standard postal service, but it won’t accept parcels or signed for deliveries. There is no mail forwarding service with a P.O. Box, and you won’t be notified when mail arrives for you.

5. Help when you need it

When you rent a personal mailbox from Mail Boxes Etc., you have access to all our other services. Send a parcel, pick up a First-Class stamp, grab some stationery or run off a few photocopies. We’re here whenever you need us.

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