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National Handwriting Day

Reintroduce yourself to pen and paper

In a world driven by tech, we often don’t make time to sit down and write. Go back twenty years and we would write to pen pals across the world, keep hidden diaries and ink love letters to those we admired. Our lecture notes were hand-written and so were our ‘to-do’ lists.

While it’s great to have technology that can connect us at the touch of a button, it is important that we don’t forget the art of handwriting. 

Forming the words on the page helps us form our thoughts, as well as helping us remember and internalise what we’ve written. There’s also an intense pleasure in writing that helps slow down the busy world and provides a bit of focus amid the buzz.

Modern calligraphy is on the rise, with artists such as Imogen Owen creating gorgeous gifts using ink. Check out her Instagram channel for inspiration. If you’re looking to improve your handwriting, try these useful tips from The Postman’s Knock.

And if you’re inspired by all this to write some letters on this January’s National Handwriting Day, pop down to your nearest Mail Boxes Etc. store and grab a pen, some paper and envelopes. Oh, and don’t forget the stamps – we’ve got those too!

Fancy penning your own note cards to keep for yourself or as gifts for friends and family? We can digitally print your beautifully penned productions on the finest card, trimmed to the ideal size and in a stunning range of colours – and because our printing is done in-store, you won’t have to wait long for the results. There’s even time to pen your own Christmas greetings cards – why not ask at your local Mail Boxes Etc.?

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