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Why open a franchise business?

An ideal option for budding entrepreneurs

Going it alone and starting a business needs careful planning and a clear strategy, as well as investment capital. And perhaps one of the most challenging decisions for a budding entrepreneur is what type of business to focus their energies on.

A franchise is a great option for anyone considering starting out on their own, and it’s a business model that’s gaining popularity. Research by the British Franchise Association showed a 10% increase in franchise units in the UK between 2015 and 2018. Millennials are well represented: 18% of franchisees are under the age of 30 and at least 30% are women.

For franchisors, it has become an increasingly competitive tool for promoting products and services through a tried-and-tested, standardised formula. But why choose franchising to get your business off the ground? Here are just some of the reasons you should consider it.

Advantages of franchising

By analysing the main indicators and emerging trends, it’s clear that today franchising increasingly represents a driving force for employment and a unique opportunity to start a new business with a strong chance of success. It is an efficient distribution system, which offers small business owners the chance to be competitive and thrive through economies of scale that are usually only enjoyed by larger companies, and your customers have the reassurance that they are buying from an established brand.

·       You become part of a system that has been tried and tested

·       You have a clear and detailed picture of the main business risks in advance

Opening a franchise business offers countless advantages – the main ones being:

·       A good reputation. Opening a franchise is essentially equivalent to expanding the presence of a successful, established business, following the formula popularised by the parent company. Affiliating with a brand that is already known, and therefore appreciated by consumers, means you’ll be able to enjoy a good corporate reputation right from the start, with an already proven business system.

·       Simplified management. Affiliation also involves simplified management of the business. You’ll benefit from established systems and processes, receive constant support and advice, and you can count on continuous training. Being part of a well-functioning system can make a significant difference when it comes to getting your business off the ground.

·       Reduced costs. Because your brand is already established, you’ll have fewer advertising and promotional costs, and your marketing spend will be more effective. You will also benefit from savings on capital expenditure items, fixtures and fittings, furniture and IT equipment, by taking advantage of the economies of scale offered by the franchisor.

·       Low risk. By choosing a franchise, from the very start you will already know the challenges and opportunities as tried and tested by other franchisees before you. A clear and detailed picture of the main business risks allows you to start the business with the right level of awareness to tackle any issues that might arise.

·       Easy to access credit. With the help and support of your franchisor, you’ll have easier access to credit and the likelihood of better terms, to help you obtain the funds you’ll need to start your business.

Franchising with Mail Boxes Etc.

Joining the MBE franchise network projects you into a dynamic sector with huge potential.

By relying on a well-established brand that offers a unique formula that allows you to be part of a network of 1700 service centres worldwide, you will increase the chances of your new business project’s success.

With a proven mix of logistics, shipping and communications support services, Mail Boxes Etc. allows franchisees to optimise their personal and working time and to benefit from the success of other entrepreneurs. Join an internationally established network that offers you plenty of business tools and a wide range of services that help consumers and businesses solve everyday challenges.

Start your business with MBE.

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