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What’s new for business in 2020?

We take a look at the key trends and influences businesses should be aware of 


Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, it’s important to be aware of trends in the marketplace and to understand how technology continues to influence consumers.  It’s also vital to know how to attract, motivate and keep good employees.

The power of Generation Z

We hear a lot about Generation Z – that’s anyone born between 1997 and the early 2000s.  These people have huge buying power, and they’re also pouring into the workplace with new beliefs and expectations.

This global generation has never known a world without social media and the internet (read that again).  But they don’t just use it to connect with friends and play online games – despite more than 50% of Gen-Z spending over six hours a day online.  They use the internet as their reference point for decision-making and it has a big influence on the opinions they form of the world around them.


As consumers, Generation Z are independent decision-makers and they are looking for brands they can believe in. They want brands that add value to their lives, rather than just trying to foist the latest products on them, and they care about ethics, green credentials and social responsibility.  Here’s how to engage with them:

1. Be real

Consider creating a blog and sharing your vision and life experience with your consumers. Talk about your brand’s back-story, demonstrate your commitment and show where you add value.

2. Be transparent

Don’t hide if you make a mistake by vetting the comments section of your social media pages.  Instead, react quickly to bad reviews and complaints – build trust by letting people see you take their concerns seriously.  And remember, more than 90% of all consumers read at least one review before deciding to visit a business, so reviews really do matter.

3. Socially speaking

While Millennials (people born between the early 1980s to mid-1990s) spend most of their social media time on Facebook and Instagram, Gen-Z uses platforms like Snapchat to communicate with friends and they value YouTube for shopping recommendations.  They also have more trust in social media influencers than in TV celebrities, so it’s a good idea – particularly for consumer brands – to work with an influencer who’s relevant to your industry.

4. Mix it up

Use a variety of content formats on social media – the rise of the ‘story’ (short video content that disappears after 24 hours) has shortened attention spans to just a few seconds, but the upside is that the power of video as a tool to help you build an authentic voice for your brand remains strong.

5. Make it personal

Don’t risk overwhelming your customers with too much choice – use smart personalisation technology to tailor their digital experience and show them relevant products.

Team spirit

Millennials and Gen-Z are a growing force in the workplace.  What’s different about them, and how can you make the most of it?

Mobile first

These tech-savvy, mobile-driven people are used to seeing things on a small screen first, so bear that in mind as much with your employee communications as with your marketing.

Remote working

Remote working is on the rise, so consider implementing flexible working – but make sure you think about how employees will collaborate by introducing solutions like videoconferencing apps.

Gigging rules

Many people now prefer a gig approach to work, and using freelancers can be to your advantage as a small business.  You get the expertise you need without the cost and complications of employing people.


Technology can’t replace the personal touch.  Think of tech like AI as helping your employees to be even more effective, rather than replacing them.  

Make it about them

These generations grew up with relationship marketing, so personalise their experience of your company as an employer.  Show them the opportunities that come with working for you, and remember to make it fun: employee happiness really matters.


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