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Pack it in!  Celebrating National Stationery Week in style

It’s National Stationery Week (25 April – 1 May) and we’re taking a moment to celebrate the actual, rather than the virtual.  Because despite the myriad ways technology has enriched our lives, there’s still a large chunk of everyday life that actually has to be done in person, using real, physical things.  

Even though we may keep an electronic diary, use our email ‘sent’ items as evidence of each week’s achievements and send ‘soft’ versions of documents as proof that we’re being productive, we still make notes using pen and paper, still have to write letters and cards sometimes, and we still send parcels and packages.  Businesses have products, samples and components that need despatching too. And that’s when stationery, in all its various forms, comes into its own.

At Mail Boxes Etc. each of our 150-plus UK stores carries a stock of everyday stationery items, beloved of our student, small business and personal customers, who know they can rely on us for the things they need.  And of course because we specialise in product fulfilment, postal services and parcel delivery, we have the biggest range of envelopes and packaging materials on the high street.

Whether we’re printing, folding, franking and despatching a direct mail campaign or packing and shipping precious antique finds to their new owners, we are great consumers as well as retailers of stationery ourselves, so we wouldn’t want this week to pass without a nod to its central role in our everyday lives.

Writing can be a pleasure, making a list makes us feel more organised, Post-It Notes nudge us to prioritise.  If it’s not already in-store, we can order just about any item of stationery or office supplies equipment for next day delivery in many cases.  So whenever you want to engage with the real world, you know you can come us to indulge your passion for stationery, find the perfect packaging for that parcel and equip your home or office with all the right gear.

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