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Beating the High Street Odds

Why are so many large brands falling away from the UK’s high streets? Even with the economy experiencing a recovery, many high street stores have dropped away from local high streets. So, how do Mail Boxes Etc. stay in business despite fluctuations in the economy and changes in customer behaviour? 

Mail Boxes Etc. constantly innovate, introducing a variety of services for their franchisees to keep attracting new customers whilst keeping those existing customers coming back for more! Franchisees are able to choose from a range of products and services to sell, all of which can be tailored to meet demand. Mail Boxes Etc.’s ever evolving business model allows its franchisees to stay ahead of the market and, in turn, provide their customers with everything they need and more.

Mail Boxes Etc. is the only high street chain to offer consumers and local companies a truly comprehensive range of business services. Their high street, one-stop-shop concept offers its customers a mix of international and national shipping, mailbox rental, postal services, printing and copy services to mention a few. With 1,600 stores in five continents including over 155 in the UK and Ireland, they are one of the world’s largest non-food retail franchises, and continue to grow year on year.

“We are very proud of our business and its steady growth pattern to date; so sustainability is a key focus to maintain the business and promote continued growth. One of the key factors which reflects our success has been to maintain the core products whilst introducing additional products and services to enhance the business. Different locations have varying needs so our franchisees have the option to adapt their services to meet the market demand in their area. Adopting this practice has allowed our network to stay ahead of competitors and remain successful,” explains Heather Hannant, Head of Franchise Development.

As many high street stores disappear due to the popularity of online shopping and fewer and fewer people browsing in their local stores, you can be sure that Mail Boxes Etc. will benefit from this change in trends with their national and international shipping where demand continues.

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