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Freshen up your marketing

Try a spring campaign

Are you planning to spice up your marketing this spring?  We may still be feeling the aftermath of the festive season, or trying to live up to our New Year’s resolutions, but winter has gone – and that’s the perfect excuse to freshen up your look.

If you have a shop, bar or restaurant, why not dress your window to match the season?  Catch the attention of passers-by with vibrant colour and imaginative use of window clings, posters and banners. 

People buy into lifestyle concepts, so put yourself in your customers’ shoes: what do they want to eat or drink?  How do they want to feel or look?  Where do they want to go?  This should give you a good creative starting point.

Want an eye-popping display that will stop people in their tracks? Decide on your approach and then pop into your nearest Mail Boxes Etc. and let us help with some design inspiration.  Then leave the rest to our wide format print specialists.

Spring social

Revitalise your social media marketing by tapping into special days on the spring calendar – from Valentine’s Day to St George’s Day, and from Easter and Chinese New Year to the Holi festival and Mothering Sunday.  

Rather than taking a random approach, though, choose a day that will resonate with your customers and where there’s a good fit with your products or services.  Shakespeare Day would be a good focus for a book store, for example.

Think about a competition or special offer as a means of enticing followers to interact.  Keep deadlines short to ensure repeat visits.  Tailor your promotion to the relevant channel – you can be more wordy on Twitter these days, but Facebook is the place for longer posts.  

Instagram is image-led, while Snapchat is known for the ephemeral nature of its content, but don’t discount these hugely popular channels: there are plenty of guides online for marketers who are keen not to miss out on their enormous potential.  

Time for a rebrand?

Spring means new beginnings – and not just for your marketing.  If your brand or corporate image is looking a little tired, you could always take the opportunity to update it or even start afresh with a new look.  

Talk to our design experts about evolving your look and feel, and once you’re happy with the ‘new you’ why not let us print your new business stationery? Our stunning compliment slips, business cards, letterheads, leaflets and flyers are great value.

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