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5 ways to bring your summer event to life through print

You’ve done all the prep - booked the venue, organised the entertainment and checked there isn’t a major diary clash.  


Now all you need to do is get people to your summer event, wow them on the day, and of course pray for great weather! Check out our tips for creative use of print to bring your summer event to full bloom.

1. Promote it

Whether your event is a regular annual occurrence or a one-off, don’t underestimate the need to let people know about it.  Get some eye-catching posters up around the local area to ensure people put the date in their diaries.

 Posters need to be really clear – state the event name, venue, date and time in bold text.  You may have a ploughing team visiting your country fair, or a brilliant band in the evening, but the main thing people need to know is what it is, where it is and when.  The image or background you use can help grab their attention and illustrate what the event is about.  

Create a website or Facebook page to host all the information visitors need about the event, and include a call to action on your poster such as ‘For more details visit our website –’. Carry the design theme from your posters through to the event website, and encourage visitors to sign up for event updates and special offers (making sure you comply with GDPR rules on data usage).

2. Invite people

If yours is an invitation-only event, you’ll want to ensure your guests receive that invitation around six weeks before the big day.  Make sure the design chimes with the style you’ve used for your posters, print ads and digital presence – and keep it very simple.  

Most events are very relaxed, but if it’s, say, a charity opera performance hosted by the owners of a wonderful stately home, you might need a little help with protocol. Get the skinny from the leading authority on modern manners, Debrett’s.

3. Remind people

Reminding people about your event is a great opportunity to whet their appetites and encourage them to attend.  And if it’s an invitation-only event, a reminder can serve as an opportunity to mop up any confirmations you’re still waiting for.  

If you’re looking for an excuse to mail again, why not create a mini guide to the event in the form of an A5 flyer or even a postcard, with a map, parking and accessibility information on the back?  As well as helping your guests, this will help you ensure you get as many of them as possible to come to the event.

4. Signpost

Make sure you signpost your event well on the day (from all directions).  Think about how people will travel there – if most of them will use public transport, put some signposts at the bus or train station.  

Banners, flags and oversized balloons are great ways to say ‘X marks the spot’, and depending on where your event is you might also consider floor or window graphics and life-size cardboard standees.  

Don’t leave any room for doubt – signpost people to the pedestrian entrance, parking, washrooms, food, drinks and even the exit (a great place to promote next year’s event!).

5. Wow them on the day

Once the event is in full swing, wow them with a bright and coherent visual display.  Whether you go for a traditional feel with bunting, chequered table cloths and chalk-board menus, or wow them with light projections, themed marquees and more, this is your chance to brand your event in an unforgettable way.  Want to make next year’s event even better?  

Consider giving people as they leave, asking them to rate their experience online and sign up for details of your next event.  Incentivise it by offering a set of free tickets in a prize draw.

However you decide to promote your summer event, we’re here to help with everything from graphic design for logos, colours and layouts, to printing your invitations, location maps, promotional flyers, posters, banners, flags and menus.  Just pop into your nearest MBE store, give us a call or check out our huge range of printed promotional items online.

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