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What are the benefits of joining a franchise?

Opening a Mail Boxes Etc. post, parcel and print centre offers you the chance to be part of one of the world’s largest non-food retail franchises. This global reach makes ours a widely recognised brand with a 1,600-strong growing network and more than 150 stores in the UK and Ireland.

But what are the benefits to you in becoming a franchisee?

1.       Brand recognition

An independent business owner has less chance of success than one who is affiliated with a well-known company that already successful. Franchises allow new business owners to use the benefit of an established brand and credible name to greatly improve their chances of success and have a more lucrative business.

2.       Large customer base

Because they are already established, many franchises have a large customer base in place. This means when you join the franchise you have immediate demand, which is important to a business in all stages – and certainly when starting up. This way you can spend more time delivering a great service and experience, rather than trying to find customers.

3. Ready-made business plans

Having a ready-made business plan allows business owners to jump right in and to skip over the most time-consuming parts of starting a business, such as planning and site development. Taking on a franchise means this is already done for you and is proven to work with great results.

4. Fully developed training programmes

With a franchise, policies and culture have already been adapted and changed over years of practice to create the right business model. This means that right from the start all employees will know exactly what to do, as they have all received the same training that is proven to work for the industry or product.

5. Franchise financing systems

Stock orders and choosing necessary equipment won’t be a guessing game at the start of the journey with a franchise. All the equipment can be purchased through brand-friendly service providers and banking providers recommended and pre-approved by the franchisor, removing the guesswork and stress.

If these benefits interest you, we’re looking for aspiring entrepreneurs to join us, and we will give you all the training, set-up support, award-winning marketing campaigns and operational back-up you need to help you drive your local sales activity.

Visit our franchise page here, call us on 01608 647044 or email for more information.

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