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What will you do for Father’s Day?

Thanks, Dad!

Whether you want to spoil your father, your granddad or your father-in-law, Father’s day – which falls on 16 June this year – offers the perfect excuse.

There’s still plenty of time to organise a fabulous day for him, whatever your budget.  If you’re splurging, how about an experience voucher?  There’s almost no limit to the thrills and adventures you can line up for him – from off-roading to driving a supercar, to paintballing, zip sliding or bungee jumping.  He could take a skydive or have a flying lesson.  Of course he may prefer a cultural experience with theatre and dinner, a visit to the Proms, or perhaps a themed evening… Fawlty Towers anyone?

Alternatively you could plan a day out – a visit to his favourite city or a day in the countryside, or even hop across to the continent, and include lots of lovely meals along the way of course. 

Ask him what he’d like to do: it doesn’t have to be a surprise.

Make it personal

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to go all-out on a greetings card, and here’s where we can help.  

Come to us for a personalised card with photos of your dad and your own special message inside.  It can be as funny, thoughtful or sentimental as you like – we can include photographs of him and anyone else you’d like to add too.

Send it with us

If you won’t get to see him on Father’s Day, we can help you send your card and present to him – wherever he is in the world. 

Whether you want a First Class stamp for your card or a complete parcel pack and despatch service with compensation cover for peace of mind, talk to our in-store experts or get a quote online.

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