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Our top 5 printed marketing items to boost your business

Not everything can be done digitally, even today. After all, we live in the real world and we use all our five senses to experience it. This is particularly true when it comes to promoting your business: samples, giveaways and in-store ‘experiences’ are still huge with consumers, while direct mail is making a come-back as Generation Z discovers the excitement of receiving something in the post.

From banners and floor stickers to window displays and special offer leaflets, printed materials have a huge part to play in any marketing campaign. Here are our five top tips on how to use them effectively.

1. Brochures

It feels as though the brochure has always been with us, and this format has plenty of life in it yet. Brochures have staying power. If we’re given a beautifully produced example, we tend to promise ourselves we’ll go back to browse it in detail, rather than throw it away. A slick, tactile brochure speaks volumes about your brand and compliments the recipient too.

2. Business cards

Natural partner to the brochure – particularly at trade shows or when you’re prospecting for new business – is the business card. Again, it’s something people tend to keep. A great business card represents your brand, stands out from the pack and contains clear, concise contact details that people can quickly refer to when they need you.

3. Flags, signs and banners

Whether you’re using outdoor signage to welcome guests to an event, floor stickers to guide them to your exhibition stand, banners to advertise your sponsorship at a conference or flags to alert passers-by to your latest promotion, printed signage is eye-catching, immediate and supremely impactful.

4. Postcards and flyers

The humble flyer can be so much more than you might think. It can be a menu, a mini brochure, a price list or even a cool souvenir. This is another piece of printed collateral that tends to stick around and should never be underestimated. Similarly, the printed postcard. Don’t dismiss it just because it’s small. Whether you actually mail it out or turn it into a tiny work of art that becomes a collectors’ item, it pays to rediscover this cost-effective promotional tool.

5. Posters and point-of-sale materials

If yours is a retail business, catching the customer’s eye can make all the difference when it comes to selling new products or promoting impulse buys. Shelf wobblers, snap frames with images of your newest products, counter-top or floor-standing brochure displays, roller-banners all play their part – and remember to tempt them in from the pavement with A-boards, colourful window graphics and posters. Last but not least, send your customers home with printed boxes and paper carrier bags that they’ll want to use again and again.

At Mail Boxes Etc. we can print a huge range of materials to support your sales and marketing. Ask us about branding too – our graphic design services can help you create a logo or refresh your entire corporate image. Click here to find out more about our print & marketing services. 

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