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Dissertation distress?  Don’t panic – we print, we bind

OK, let’s not mess about here.  We’re almost at the point of dissertation first aid, and if you still haven’t finished it you’re metaphorically flat-lining.  But worry not – help is at hand.  

While we can’t write it for you, we can ride to the rescue when you type one more citation, check the bibliography yet again, put in the final full stop and hit ‘save’ for the very last time.

At MBE, we’re here to make student life easier, and our professional printing and binding experts are ready and waiting to take your masterpiece and produce it to the precise specifications required by your course and your university.  You choose the style, the binding and any finishing touches like foil blocking on the cover.  We’ll do the rest.

With fast turnaround, no queues and delivery to your door if required, we really can help save the day – particularly if you’ve left it uber-late and can’t afford to leave anything to chance.  

Find your nearest MBE store here, or get a quote online at

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