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Shredding and data destruction for business

Why you should be acting now to prevent identity theft

If your organisation suffers a data breach, the effects can be disastrous.  You don’t have to be a multinational like Facebook or British Airways to have your brand’s reputation damaged by negative press and customer complaints on social media – small business owners are just as much at risk. That’s why it makes sense to ensure your systems are protected and that you’re storing, using and disposing of customer data responsibly.

It’s not just reputational damage you need to be concerned about, however.  The new GDPR legislation has been in place just over a year, and there are heavy financial penalties for firms that do not comply.

Thieves are always one step ahead – hackers continue to break through our firewalls and security systems, and it’s crucial to keep your online security up to date.  But there are also risks associated with hard copy information.  

You might be relying on an overworked office shredder or, worse still, you might have an ever-growing pile of old customer records or transactional data that you keep meaning to throw out but somehow never seem to tackle.  Perhaps you’re still unclear about what you can and can’t keep, and how to effectively dispose of old records.

Here’s where we can help

At Mail Boxes Etc. we offer a complete data destruction service that takes the stress out of GDPR compliance, so there’s no need to worry about whether you’re disposing of customer data correctly.

Our shredding service is fully ISO 9001, EN15713 and 14001accredited, and all our data destruction comes with a complete audit trail and a certificate of destruction. We are also registered with the Environment Agency as an ‘upper tier’ waste carrier, which gives our customers an extra guarantee of our credibility as a waste contractor.

We make the whole process easy – we supply bags for your shredding (you can collect or we’ll deliver), and when they’re full you can call us and we’ll arrange for our trusted data destruction partner to take them away.  

As well as shredding, we can also securely destroy hard drives, laptops, tablets and mobiles.  

Don’t take risks with sensitive data – come to us for expert advice and secure, certified data destruction services.  

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