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5  ways to de-clutter your work space

Free yourself from stuff! It’s National Clear Your Clutter day on 11 March 2017. 

Whether you work at home or in an office, taking time to clear you clutter can help you feel calmer, happier and more focused – not to mention more organised! Here are our top five tips:

1. Give Everything a Home

All the items that currently sit on your desk should have a ‘home’, and this is where they stay when you’re starting with a clean workspace. - Souce: 

2. Sort Your Catch-All Drawer

We’re all guilty of having that one desk drawer where we hide all our random 'things’. Before we know it, this drawer is full of items we’ve forgotten about or don’t use. Break the cycle, open it and get sorting! - Source: Forbes

3. Five Minutes A Day

Set aside five minutes of your work day - at the beginning or end. Use this time to clear away any clutter that has accumulated and put items back in their place. Source: 

 4. Tidy Your Cables

Most offices have cables all over the place – for computers, printers, speakers, phones, chargers - not only do they look messy but they can cause trip hazards. Use cable ties and cabinets to tie and label them, making them much easier to access in the future. Source: Step by step declutter 

 5. Go Shopping

This is the fun bit. Once you’ve cleared up your workspace, look for solutions to keep things tidy - boxes, trays, cabinets. There’s a huge variety of office storage solutions out there. Why not pop into your nearest MBE store for some inspiration?

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