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Franchisor pushes the marketing envelope

Mail Boxes Etc.’s marketing team celebrates summer of sport with bold moves

Mail Boxes Etc. UK & Ireland, one of the leading non-food franchises, took a punt this summer with some promotional activity that tapped into the current frenzy for all things football.

Said marketing manager James Simmons:  

“We’ve been promoting our shipping services, emphasising that we don’t just ship to 32 countries but all over the world.  And our ‘raise your game’ print promotion encouraged businesses to go all out with full-colour print this summer in order to achieve their sales goals.”

There’s also the chance to win one of ten branded football shirts in the colours of any club or country in a prize draw competition, with no purchase necessary.

But perhaps the most adventurous element of the campaign, and one that could be a first for a non-food franchise, is the creation of a neat little game app, called Parsley’s Free Kick Frenzy.  

It’s named after the character that stars in the new MBE videos, known as Parsley thanks to his quirky hairstyle (the name’s also a punning reference to MBE’s parcel delivery business).

In the game, Parsley is a goalie, deflecting free kick goals, as well as occasionally letting some into the net.  It’s MBE’s first ever game app, free to download on Google play and the App Store, and there’s even a desk-top version.

“We’re very proud of our beautiful game,” says Simmons. “It’s really easy to play, and pretty compelling too.  Players can test their talent against friends and colleagues or take on anyone who’s playing, anywhere in the world.”

The multi-media summer of sport campaign can be seen on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on the company’s website, as well as in more than 150 stores around the country.

“We’re looking forward to seeing how many people engage with us via the campaign, and particularly those who download the game,” continues Simmons.  “It’s a bit of a departure for us, and we’re excited to explore similar opportunities in the future.”

Parsley’s Free Kick Frenzy can be found at the App Storeand Google Play.  The desktop version is available here.

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