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BREXIT’s impact on small businesses

Exporters and importers will suffer most, says international shipping expert Mail Boxes Etc.

The impact of BREXIT on small businesses will fall hardest on those that export and import, says Simon Cowie, chairman of international shipping expert Mail Boxes Etc.

“Although a trading deal with the EU is likely, there is a lot of ignorance about the benefits the single market brings small businesses,” he explained.  

“Currently, importing and exporting goods to the other 27 members is almost as straightforward as sending goods from London to Newcastle. In future, companies will have to generate Commercial Invoice documentation (in triplicate), face customs inspection and associated delays and, in many cases, pay additional duties and freight forwarding bills.”

Cowie, who heads a UK-wide network of over 150 high street stores that offer shipping services to small businesses and personal customers via leading carriers, believes it likely that the carriers will increase shipping charges to cover their own increased costs.  

“It currently costs businesses about 50% more to send packages to non-EU countries such as Norway and Switzerland compared with similar countries inside the single market,” he continued.  “And while helping small businesses ship goods abroad is central to what we do, so in many ways our business will benefit, I am concerned for our customers who will need help in negotiating the minefield of exporting once BREXIT becomes a reality.”

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